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When it comes to television and video presentations, very few people are natural performers. So we've assembled a few tips for you to download from our Resources Page to help you make a start. These guidelines are designed for anyone planning a corporate video or recorded presentation.

We've been actively involved in the media industry for close to 30 years and can provide you with the tools to make your on camera experience beneficial and don't worry to much about remembering those lines or how you will look, we have teleprompter's, soft lighting and portable green screens that will have you looking and sounding like a professional. Learn more

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New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke faces the media - Waitangi 2008
If you're invited to be interviewed for television news, you'll have even less time to prepare and recommend a media training workshop with our colleague BBC broadcaster Greg Ward. Greg runs executive coaching throughout New Zealand. He also has plenty of free media tips on his website - www.gregward.tv
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